Escort girl in Zurich
07 Feb 2021

I am a cultured, educated, well-travelled, polyglot. I seek a partner to connect with on an intellectual level. I am a true philomath with an hedonistic personality and epicurean appetite.

I am a graceful and warm hearted woman with a unique outlook on life. I believe in kind and empathetic people; those who hold doors open and put their phone away for dinner. I enjoy going out, meeting new people and living my best life! I’m easy-going, passionate, creative, spontaneous, and have a bubbly personality.

I enjoy outdoors, but I’m okay staying in. I am a spontaneous Zurich escort who enjoys traveling, concerts, laughing, attending cultural events and socializing with high quality people. I believe in the law of attraction and karma.

I love travel, arts and cultural events (theatre / symphony / museums), ethnic restaurants, hiking, biking, yoga, and many more activities. I’m also a fairly adept conversationalist and enjoy fun and flirty (or deep and serious) communication. My personality is a nurturing and jovial with a strong kinky streak.